February 11, 2015

Space Quest VI: Roger Wilco in the Spinal Frontier

Sierra Studios, 1995

The Space Quest series' favorite janitor Roger Wilco is back with his wacky sense of humor in this last outing of the series. Oh yeah, you must be thinking that he was a Captain in Space Quest 5 but his rank didn't last forever and he got demoted back to where he started his career, a janitor assigned to Deepship 86. Yet, fate has chosen Roger once again as an evil person wants to use him for her malevolent plans by using his loved one's brain as the target of her evil deeds. To help Stellar Santiago, the love of your life, you must travel in her blood vessels toward her brain in your ship after being injected in her body in the size of a microscopic particle.

The major flaw in the game is the main plot, which gets into focus only after you reach half way in the game. But on the bright side we have delightful graphics nicely crafted in plain 2D giving the game a very distinguish look with pre-rendered characters overlaid. The puzzles, to some extent are reasonable and sometime needs good puzzle-solving expertise to solve. All in all, a nice game to play by the science-fiction adventure games fans.