February 9, 2015

The Prophecy

Coktel Vision, 1993

One of the only adventure games that I've played more than once, The Prophecy sets you on a quest to save a princess who has been kidnapped by an evil wizard. Playing as young Ween, you must not only save the damsel in distress, but also recover three legendary "grains" as prophecy has foretold. Not only are the puzzles very interesting, but you have a marvelous variety of magical help at your command.  Use your magical ball to accomplish certain tasks by making it change shape according to your needs. Call upon your magical bat friend for help with puzzles, but you'll have to feed him some fruit before he'll cooperate.

The game has a similar interface as what is found in other Coktel Vision games like Lost in Time. Graphics are excellent, spiced with breathtaking cut-scenes, sound blaster supported sound and music. I highly recommend this game to every serious adventure gamer.