February 9, 2015


Divide by Zero, 1995

In this sequel to Innocent until Caught you can choose between playing as a tough female Police Officer, Ysanne Andropath, or as notorious thief, Jack Ladd. Each character solves game puzzles in different ways, making this one re-playable. The adventure begins when Ysanne throws Jack in the prison cell on her spaceship, which Jack escapes and later put the space ships hyperdrive out in unknown space. Keeping in the view the emergency situation, Ysanne has no choice but to join Jack and work together in this wonderful adventure of saving the galaxy.

The icon-based interface is slightly overhauled and makes the controls a bit easier. The graphics are decent enough, but the constantly looping music is once again a distraction. The CD-Rom version of this game has full digital speech and music. I recommend this game to those who enjoyed the first game in the series.