February 9, 2015

Pepper's Adventures in Time

Sierra On-Line, 1993

One of Sierra On-line's underrated educational discovery titles. This educational adventure casts you as Pepper, a little girl, whose megalomaniac great-uncle Fred has built a time machine and plans to wreak havoc on the world by changing history with the help of Ben Franklin, who has been called into the present. Pepper, along with her dog, Lockjaw, is tasked to stop Uncle Fred from changing American history. In this game, the kids learn lots of facts about Ben Franklin, American history and colonial life in general.

The breathtaking graphics are dated for the time the game was released. The game is packed with humor, logical puzzles, it has an icon-based interface and good music. It's so sad that Sierra put an end to educational adventure games for they developed some great edutainment titles in their earlier years.