February 9, 2015

Amerzone: The Explorer's Legacy

Microids, 1999

Amerzone is a strange adventure based on French comic novel, originally written by the acclaimed French novelist and artist, Benoit Sokal. The title cast you in the role of a reporter interviewing Alexandre Valembois, who stole the last egg of the mysterious white birds of Amerzone sixty years ago. Before dying, the old man begs you to return the still fertile egg back to Amerzone as the museum has turned down his request to aid his expedition to Amerzone any further. Thus, begins your journey. The most enjoyable theme in Amerzone is the multi-purpose Hydraflot that Valembois designed just for the purpose of travelling to Amerzone. The Hydraflot can be used as a plane, a submarine or a boat. Explore the unknown territory of Amerzone, meet the people of Amerzone, ride strange domestic animals and carry out a dead man's last wish.

The characters are fully animated in 3D and superimposed on 3D rendered backgrounds, which can be viewed in 360-degree pan view. All the scenes are quite well done and the voice acting is over the top. All in all, Amerzone is a well-presented game and a unique gaming experience.