February 9, 2015

Nightlong: Union City Conspiracy

Trecision, 1998

An excellent Science-Fiction adventure game set in the year 2099, which casts you into the role of Joshua Reev, a former military operative turned private investigator. Hugh Martens, the mayor of Union City, who used to be your commander in military service, ask you a favour: to investigate a terrorist organization, which is after his political career. The previous agent named Ruby, whom Hugh assigned to investigate and infiltrate the terrorist organization, has disappeared without a trace. He asks you to take over Ruby's unfinished mission and also investigate Ruby's disappearance. The atmosphere in Nightlong is completely futuristic, set in a dark underworld of espionage, power and corruption.

The game has some breathtaking animated cut-scenes. The background graphics are still images but rendered in 3D, on which the 3D characters are superimposed and provide the player a very original feeling of the scene. Voice acting is quite nice but doesn't sync well with the lip's movement. The interface is point-and-click with a huge inventory that can hold a long row of objects, which can be scrolled sideways. Overall, the game is quite interesting and provides hours of enjoyment and fun.