April 16, 2015

Connections: Getting it Together

Discovery Channel Multimedia, 1996

Connections, also known as James Burke's Connections is an excellent educational as well as traditional title based on a famous TV show and a book by the same name, hosted and written by James Burke respectively. James Burke is a famous broadcaster, who hosts many excellent shows on technology and social sciences. In this CD-ROM version of Connections, James Burke introduces himself as your guide and asks you to help him in reorganizing the technological history in a Web, which is disturbed by an evil character. Your quest lets you explore five different timelines in history that starts from galloping the vast and Wild West to exploring the medieval ages of our world and to venturing the Egyptian mythology in the ancient land of Pharaohs. Dig up clues and find links or connections between the technological races of these times. During the game you will meet many live character from different times and places, which will help you solve the puzzles and challenges in the game. James Burke, as your host will also pop up at many points and guide you on your quest.

Puzzles are mostly traditional and logical, while they are very informative and thought provoking and can be solved using different inventory items. Some mind-boggling slider puzzles and lock-combination puzzles are also thrown in for extra fun. Excellent graphics are 3D rendered and quite dated in standard. Real actors presented as game characters are acting quite well in the game. Interface is traditional point and click in a 1st-Person perspective. Overall, keeping in view the excellent educational value of this adventure game I highly recommend it to all the fans of the genre and especially to the viewers of the James Burke's TV shows.