April 16, 2015

Wanted: A Wild Western Adventure

Revistronic, 2004

Wanted, A Wild Western Adventure is a point and click adventure game with a wacky storyline guaranteed to suck up every serious adventure gamer. The game is a sequel to 3 Skulls of Toltecs, which came out many years ago. You play the role of Fenimore Fillmore, our cowboy hero from 3 Skulls of Toltecs, who unwantedly gets involve in helping the poor farmers by saving their lands from evil landlord, Mr. Starek, who wants to buy them by force. The farmers are poor and they need weapons to defend themselves and they have no hope except you.

The game starts and your have a bunch of jobs in hand, which includes gathering enough carrots for your horse -- Stealing and earning money to buy different useful items from the hardware store -- Blasting the bridge so the train arriving with a lot of Mr. Starek’s goons can not arrive -- Freeing a poor farmer from jail so he can aid his fellow farmers in the fight -- Buying weapons for the farmers and most of all, winning the heart of Mr. Starek’s beautiful niece, Rhiannon whom you are madly in love. Keeping in mind your previous experiences we can hope that you won’t let down farmers' hopes.

While the game has few disturbing arcade sequences like shooting gallery or catching a fish that really need extraordinary reflexes to overcome, the puzzles are very logical and inventory based. Another annoying puzzle is a rhyming duel similar to the insult duels in the Monkey Island series. The 3D graphical environment is unique, pleasant and very eye-catching, where the player manipulate his 3D rendered cartoon like character in real-time. Sound, music, pleasing voice acting and the wacky humor is very nice and add extra fun in the game. Overall, the game has a great storyline and fun to play if we just overlook these odd arcade sequences and some other minor flaws.