May 16, 2015

Ghost in the Sheet

Cardboard Box Entertainment, 2007

Ghost in the Sheet is a waggish adventure game with a storyline that will certainly put a broad smile on your face. Play as a ghost and experience an exciting and unique game plot in which you perform all your tasks by using an innovative paranormal array of actions known as "telekinesis" or in simple words, by using your thoughts. In the beginning you start with just one telekinesis power, but more telekinesis powers add on as you progress in the game.

The game starts after a truck runs over your character and ends his life. A black & white slideshow intro shows that instead of crossing over the bright light to your life after death your soul is received by an ugly looking creature that calls himself your boss and orders you to investigate an abandoned factory named as Sector Omega. Your mission is to enter the factory wrapped merely in a dirty sheet, meet and interact with other employees' ghosts trapped inside the factory, unlock closed doors and sections in order to find out the true nature of Sector Omega's operation and why its operation was stopped. Also, unravel the truth about what your soul is doing in this godforsaken factory and what should be done to free yourself and the other ghosts from the captivity of this ugly Boss.

The game interface is traditional point and click. Surreal graphics are still images pre-rendered in 3D and spiced up with ambient soundtrack and spooky music eerie enough to raise the hair on your neck. The cut-scenes are mostly slideshows created in black & white. Puzzles are the main attraction of this largely non-linear game and most of them get triggered by interacting with the game characters. Overall, Ghost in the Sheet is a game not to be missed by any serious adventure gamer for it is all exciting and entertaining in every way.