February 10, 2015


Core Designs, 1994

In this classical old-style adventure, you are playing as Boris Verne, an ordinary young guy who has been mistakenly teleported to a parallel universe while fiddling with his uncle's Virtual Dimension Inducer. While looking for a way back to your own dimension, you'll will have to find fabled lost star as well as a way to defeat the Golden King.

While it is clear that the folks at Core Design spent considerable time perfecting the graphics for Universe, they did not pay as much attention to other equally important aspects of the game. The controls are overly complicated and the story weak. Perhaps better music and the injection of humor into the tale would have made the contrived plot less noticeable. But as it stands, this is not Core Design's best work. I recommend this game only to a die-hard adventurer whose life depends on playing adventure games.