February 10, 2015

Little Big Adventure

Activision, Inc., 1995

Little Big Adventure is a nifty adventure brought to you by the developers of the great Alone in the Dark series. The title was first released in Europe under a different title, Relentless. The game casts you in the role of Twinsen, a young Quetch trying to make sense of a dream that predicts the destruction of his home world, the planet Twinsun. You must help Twinsen to escape from the asylum and travel to Fortress Island to save his beloved wife from the manacles of evil Dr. Funfrock. Can you help him save his wife and the world?

The game plays in an isometric perspective in a well designed 3D world with super VGA resolution. It has excellent music and sound effects that enhances the actions of Twinsen and the other characters. A treat any serious adventure genre fan should have.