February 10, 2015


Microids Canada, 2002

Syberia is another masterpiece from the French artist and novelist Benoit Sokal. You play the role of Kate Walker, a lawyer who has been entrusted by her law firm to negotiate and finalize the deal of an old toy and automaton factory in Valadilene on behalf of their client, Universal Toy Company. The deal seemed quite normal as the sole proprietor of the firm, Anna Voralberg has decided to sell up the factory, but the day before Kate arrives in Valadilene, Anna Voralberg dies. Anna's notary announces that he can't finalize the deal, as there is an heir to the property – her brother Hans. But Hans had left the place at the end of the thirties and never returned, and was actually believed to be dead. While investigating Anna's office, Kate finds a proof that Hans is alive and waiting for his sister to join him. He has  already sent her the design of a travelling device, an automaton train with a unique automaton driver. In order to finalize the factory deal you will have to travel in place of Anna. So, you embark on this long and exciting adventure to find Hans Voralberg.

A sequel of this game is also released, in which you will continue the rest of the journey. Syberia claims to have the most exuberant graphics ever seen in any adventure game along with an equally delightful music and excellent voice-acting. All these qualities make this game a masterpiece and a best buy.