February 22, 2016

Simon the Sorcerer

Adventure Soft Publishing, 1993

One of mankind's oldest fantasies is to live in a world where magic really does exist. Thanks to Adventuresoft, you can now experience such a life in the timeless adventure, Simon the Sorcerer. You play Simon, a young boy of fourteen, who is transported to a magical world by goblins. You soon discover that your abduction is part of the sinister plan of the evil Sordid, a vicious wizard bent on taking over the mystical realm. Put on your pointed hat and rescue Calypso, a grand wizard from the manacles of evil Sordid.  This title features standard 256 color VGA graphics, beautiful MIDI music and game controls that allow great freedom of movement. While the interface most likely resembles the LucasArts' style the storyline is almost similar to Monkey Island games. But overall, it's a highly recommended game and series.