February 22, 2016


Tomahawk, 1990

One of the earliest Coktel Vision releases, this fast-paced erotic adventure leads you from the high-fashion models of Paris to the Kimono wrapped ladies of Tokyo, also known as Geisha. A mad scientist has kidnapped your girlfriend Eva, and wants to transform her in some sort of futuristic Geisha i.e. part machine, part human, and you have to travel to Tokyo to save and rescue her. Your mission is to acquire information from certain criminals by infiltrating their society in the guise of a Geisha. The puzzles are difficult and the game, unforgiving. Should you miss a specific puzzle or game element, you must reload an earlier saved game in order to continue. Additionally, there are several arcade sequences you must deal with to complete the game. The graphics are quite good for the time, sprinkled with some adult oriented scenes and supported with mouse-driven point & click interface.