January 31, 2015

3 Skulls of the Toltecs

Revistronic, 1996

This marvelous cartoon adventure boasts clever and logical puzzles, excellent graphics and an easy to use interface. You play as Fenimore, a noble turn-of-the-century cowboy,who gets involved by fate in seeking the three legendary golden skulls of the ancient Toltec race. Finding the skulls is  merely the first step, for it is said that these relics will point the way toward unimaginable treasure.

This point-and-click adventure would be utterly charming if not for the shortsightedness of it's creators, who depended upon racial and religious stereotyping for cheap laughs.  The characters are caricatures at best, insulting at worst. If you can check your political correctness at the door, however, you are in for a fine ride with this cartoon outing into the Old West.